The Indian government has imposed a ban on several Chinese apps

Hello everyone how r u all hope u all are doing well. So, as we all know that recently the Indian government has imposed a ban on several Chinese apps as they had a claim on them. That they were collecting user’s personal data and asking for those permissions which they shouldn’t.

This list includes 59 apps of various categories like creativity, productivity, lifestyle. But they had a claim of collecting user’s personal data. So I’m going to list those apps and their alternatives which are easily available on play store and are safe too.

List of Chinese Apps & There Alternatives

1. TikTok, Likee, Help app, Viva video, Vmate etc.

These some apps are mostly affected due to ban they all were of video sharing category. They were used to share short videos of lips syncing, acting, performing stunts mostly of them were of were used to be of 15-30 seconds video. And against that, these apps were rewarding them popularity and money too. While some of the users gained very popularity in the acting industry.

Tiktok VS Chingari

But as we all know nothing comes before country. As per IT professionals, they were spying user’s data and were demanding extra permissions which they shouldn’t ask. Just because of these some sensitive issues they faced this ban.

Alternative: Chingari
It’s claimed that this is a completely Indian app. Developed by Indian developers and are completely handled by Indian servers. Like another app its also rewarding user on sharing their talent on the social media platform.

2. CamScanner

It was a very popular and useful app in official work like scanning documents and converting images into pdf format. As it had a lot of useful tools which were used to edit the images before converting into pdf. But unfortunately, it also comes in a list of banned apps.

Alternative: Microsoft lens, Kaagaz app, Image to pdf converter, etc.
As we can CamScanner has a lot of options which are available at free of any cost in the market. Moreover it has Indian app as well named as Kaagaz app.

3. Uc browser, Du browser, APUS browser, CM browser, Uc news, Newsdog.

These apps were not this much useful in my opinion as they used to show too many annoying notification and fake news as well.
They had no meaningful use as we have much better opinion available in the market.

Alternative: Goggle Chrome, Goggle news, Dailyhunt.
When we have the best option available then why go for these unnecessary apps. We have apps with Goggle security and those who are fond of news updates through apps. Dailyhunt and Goggle news could be a better option for them.

4. Shareit, Xender

Next in the list come Shareit and Xender. They were a very popular app they could be seen in any smartphone user. As they were used to share files, images, videos, apps without any internet connection requirement. And not only this Shareit also had online videos suffering option.
But, it also had claims of spying user’s personal data and interfering with that data without any cause.

Alternative: Files by Goggle
When it comes to Shareit’s alternative the best option is Files by Goggle. As it can help in maintaining user’s files and cleaning unnecessary files with an option of sharing files without any internet connection. And it’s a very safe app as it doesn’t ask users for unnecessary permissions.

5. Clean master, DU cleaner, Virus cleaner

This all apps are also a waste of time as they just clean some junk files from the phone and reflects user that they actually have done great work but in actual what they do. They just clean recent apps cache from memory and removes some empty files from storage.

Alternative: In my opinion, we don’t need any specific app to clean phone memory as manufacturers have made phone enough smart to maintain it’s memory. But still, if you want to use the app for this then again Files by Google is a good option.

This list has many more apps which are not even this much useful for users as mostly smartphone have those features in-built
Last, I would like to say that please take care of apps permissions which they are asking and think are they really need full for the app.